Re: Opening Statement-Ellen Wahl

Deborah Brake (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 12:48:53 -0700

Hi Ellen. I found your statement very thoughtful and interesting, and I
think that AAUW's research adds a great deal to the discussion of this
issue. I have one question. I am very interested in research that I
have heard of (I believe by Valerie Lee, among others) showing that sex
stereotyping and subtle sex biases actually increase in single-sex
classrooms, and that this is true for both all-male and all-female
environments. In fact, at least as I heard it, the stereotyping and bias
is greatest in single-sex environments where the teacher is the same sex
as the students. Is this true, and what are your thoughts on the effect
of sex segregation on sex role stereotyping? Separating the sexes is
often talked about as a panacea for curing sex bias and inequities in
education, and if true, such research would shed new light on the

Deborah Brake

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