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Gae Broadwater (gbroadwater@gwmail.kysu.edu)
Fri, 01 May 1998 17:45:39 -0400

I am working on a planning committee that is putting together a
Title IX workshop for our schools and the people in various roles
in our schools (administrators, curriculum supervisors, prinicpals,
coaches, counselors, parent/council members, etc). Broad,
first steps, awareness kind of thing.

I am responsible for identifying resources that these folks will find
helpful and useful in implementing changes at the local level--
i.e., implementing Title IX and handling grievences, etc.

Please reply to me with any suggestions of "must haves"
articles, handbooks, web sites, etc. I know I have some of these
things. The info flow on this list is so rich I don't want to miss

Thanks for your help. Happy May Day!

Gae Broadwater
CES National Center for Diversity
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