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John Meyer (
Thu, 07 May 1998 14:35:48 -0600

At 10:25 AM 5/7/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Having stared at the screen until my brain shriveled up and my eyeballs
>swivelled, I can't wish the job of computer programmer on anyone--except
>those who want to do it and need the money. The issue is twofold: (1)
>women want the choice--the freedom--of taking more lucrative jobs as
>well as finding out if they like to do them; (2) society may or may not
>benefit from a public policy shifting more women into computer science
>and men into early education, and shifting men out of computer science
>and into the humanities. One is a flat-out civil rights issue-- people
>deserve equal access to education and economic opportunity.

I agree, but I am talking about more than women vs. men, or men vs. women.
I personally don't think you are going to get as many men into humanities
(English, social work, etc.), as you are women into technology, and I agree
that women should be allowed to pursue whatever course they want. I am
just saying that we are going on a technological push at the insistance of
kids not learning English and music might not be good for society overall.
Trust me, I am not a technophile. I have a duel minor in English and
Computer Programming.

VH1 is doing a large campaign to keep music in the schools. I've been at
schools where the first thing on the chopping block in terms of funding is
fine arts, in favor of sports and even technology.

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