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I had an example in mind, and that was a young man, excluded for a
term and who came back to the school having done a complete reversal
of behaviour after being prescribed ritalin, and having had much
counselling and so on. When I was attempting to re-integrate him
back into the school I was met with vocal disbelief that he was
capable or willing to change as he was bad through and through...
I spose it is possible for someone to hold the same view of boys and
girls equally and thus this wouldn't be a gendered analysis, but I
have seen it far far more often against young men than young women.

I'm just theorizing here but I'd go one step further (and this
applies to vincent's interpretation of my statement) that some people
see boys in certain ways - more than one group of people, more than
one way of seeing them... and they prejudge them on the basis of this
perception. This is important when that person is in a position of
power and often has the unconscious ability to influence the reaction
of the young man concerned. And thus some prophecies become self
fulfilling. With respect to the 'traditional' ways of behaviour in
young men, perhaps this is also true and that our expectations
influence what our young men do... driving fast, drinking to cope
with problems, not expressing feelings, being arguementative and so
on... Like I said before... it's JUST an idea at the moment....
but does put a big responsibility on all of those involved in boys
education no matter how they see young men (good, bad, troublesome or

how does that sound.

cheers vaughan

> Vaughan wrote:
> On the topic of perceived guilt and gendered stereotypes, I am quite
> convinced that certain boys are discriminated against because they
> are "those kind of boys". etc. etc.
> I don't understand what's you're getting at. Could you expand on
> thisplease?
> Thanks,
> peter

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