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Robert Tighe (tighe@APSICC.APS.EDU)
Wed, 27 May 1998 13:38:29 -0400

>From: John Meyer <>:

> ....What I am against is Robert's position that all guys do
>together is reinforce sexual stereotypes and hatred of women.

For the public record, I sent a private message to John Meyer
explaining my position on this, and his characterization is not

> we are living in...a world that fears guys and the institutions that they
> make. Whether it be the common street level gang, the club, or even a
> backwoods retreat, guys in those groups are thought to be hateful,
> discriminatory beasts who shouldn't be trusted in large groups.

Most such groups cannot be characterized that way, but many can.
Specifically, there are certain types of males who cannot be
trusted in separate groups, as demonstrated by the initial
reactions (within both the student body AND the administration)
to integration of the Citadel. I do not believe that most males
fall into this category (although most male Citadel students
failed to protest the destructive actions taken by their fellow
students). Most all-male groups are not destructive, but they
do support networks which tend to continue the overall pattern
of male privilege in our society.

> Women are okay; it is guys who must be up to something.

This statement is a common reaction to measures designed to
increase gender equity and other forms of affirmative action.
Opponents of these programs state that they support equality,
but their solutions ignore the real power distribution in this
country and therefore end up supporting the discriminatory
status quo.

In order to reduce the privileged status held by white males
in our society, the institutions which support that status,
and which perpetutate all-male networks of decision makers,
must be changed. Therefore, women's support groups are OK,
exclusive men's clubs are not OK. Black student associations
are OK, but White student associations are not OK, and White
male student associations are doubly questionable. That is
the way it should be until the balance of power and influence
in our society shifts significantly toward true equality of

My belief is that almost all EdEquity subscribers understand
the above, and I apologize for repeating what for most of us
is obvious, but I wanted to clarify my position (besides, I
have been wanting to say it ever since we had all of those
pro-male-rights messages several weeks ago).

-- Bob Tighe (a white male)

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