Re: Girls Vollsyball Team
Sat, 30 May 1998 01:13:46 -0400

Margaret wrote:
> Girls Count received the following update from the young woman in New
> Jersey attempting to start a girls volleyball team.
> >Alexandra wrote:
> >Thought I would write back to let you know how things turned out. In April
> >the school budget for next year was soundly defeated, and, despite our
> best efforts, the town council reduced an already bare-bones school budget
> by >another $485,000. We were told last week that there was no money to
> start a new sport when other established sports and co-curricular
> activities were losing some funding. After all of our hard work, we were
> able to raise over $1600 of the $5,000 originally needed. We might be able
> to start a club volleyball team with that money. It has been a very
> frustrating time for us.
> We are unable to pursue Title IX because cheerleading is considered a
> >sport even though only 7-8 girls are on the squad in fall and winter (as
> >compared to a freshman-jv-varsity football program!). Wish we could have
> >had better success to report to you, but we would like to thank you for
> >your interest in our >situation.
> >Alexandra
> >
> You may remember her plea forwarded from Jane Sheeran, AAUW on April 27th.
> Girls Count has given her several resources for funding & Title IX. Again
> is there anyone out there that could help these young women in their quest?
> This seems like such a blatant violation. Please contact Alexandra
> directly, I don't think she is a subscriber to this mail list.
> Margaret DiUbaldo

Please provide me with her e-mail. I can help her out and get her a
volleyball team. Kristen Galles;

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