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At the NCSEE conference to be held July 12-15, the workshop discussed
below will be presented on July 12. It relates directly to several
items of current discussion on this list.

If you would like further information of the conference, call Jean Cole
at (573)751-2661 or email at

> I have arranged to have
> Jackson Katz present on Sunday morning at the conference. I saw him
> present
> at the Wellesley College Gender Equity Conference in January. He
> works with
> boys and men around anti-violence prevention...a real necessity made
> all the
> more timely after the recent tragedies in schools (I heard there was
> another
> shooting outside a school in Florida this morning). I have included
> his bio
> and workshop description below. I will be meeting with him in Boston
> next
> week. If any of you have questions, please let me know. The
> demographics at
> the Wellesley were similar to those at NCSEE conferences and he was
> extremely
> well received. I am very pleased he has agreed to present. What I
> like about
> this workshop is that he goes beyond just focusing on the issues and
> presents
> concrete strategies for working with student and educators around the
> connected issues of sexism and violence.
> Hope all is well and I am looking forward to seeing all of you in
> Kansas City.
> Craig
> Workshop Description: "More Than A Few Good Men: Strategies for
> Inspiring
> Boys and Young Men To Be Allies in Anti-Sexist Education"
> This workshop will focus on six key strategies for inspiring boys and
> young
> men to be allies with girls and women in gender violence prevention
> education.
> Many of the ideas to be shared with participants were developed and
> refined
> during the course of hundreds of workshops and classes conducted
> across the
> United States over the past decade with boys' and men's athletic
> teams,
> college fraternities, groups of enlisted men and officers in the
> United States
> Marine Corps and Army, and mixed-gender workshops and classes in
> middle
> schools, high schools, and colleges. The six strategies discussed
> will be:
> Introducing violence against women as a men's issue; framing gender
> violence
> prevention as a leadership issue for boys and men; personalizing
> gender
> violence issues through "remedial empathy" exercises; focusing on the
> role of
> bystanders and discussing concrete options for intervention; making
> the
> connection between homophobia and men's reluctance to challenge
> sexism; and
> preempting predictable criticisms and objections from boys and men.
> Biographical Sketch
> Jackson Katz is the founder and director of MVP Strategies, an
> organization
> that provides gender violence prevention training and materials to the
> US
> military services, colleges, high schools, law enforcement agencies,
> community
> organizations, and small and large corporations. Katz, a high school
> all-star
> football player, went on to became the first man at the University of
> Massachusetts-Amherst to earn a minor in women's studies. He holds a
> masters
> degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where his
> research
> concentration was the social construction of masculinities through
> sports and
> media. In 1988 he founded "Real Men," a Boston-based group of
> educators and
> activists committed to working against sexism and men's violence
> toward women.
> In 1993 he co-created the Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Program
> at
> Northeastern University's Center for the Study of Sport in Society.
> The
> multiracial, mixed gender MVP Program is the first large-scale attempt
> to
> enlist high school, collegiate and professional athletes in the fight
> against
> all forms of men's violence against women. He is currently directing
> the
> design and worldwide implementation of MVP-Marine Corps, the first
> systemwide
> gender violence prevention program in the history of the United States
> Marine
> Corps. He has published several articles on topics including gender
> and
> sexual politics, feminism, white masculinity, media, sports, and
> violence. He
> also is producing an educational video entitled "My Gun's Bigger Than
> Yours:
> Images of Manhood and Violence in the Media." Since 1990, he has
> lectured at
> more than 325 colleges, prep schools, high schools, middle schools,
> professional conferences, and military installations in 39 states.

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