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Sociologists Against Sexual Harassment >
Seventh Annual Conference
> Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, CA
> August 19, 20, 1998
> Sexual Harassment Research and Response: Culture and the Politics of
> Social Change
>The multidisciplinary efforts of sexual harassment researchers and
>educators have dramatically influenced public perception of the social
>reality of sexual harassment at work and school. The emergence of
>multiculturalism as a discourse and goal for institutions has meant
>that issues of equality and rights have been vulnerable to
>re-articulation and criticism. Like affirmative action, sexual
>harassment has become fuel for the energetic backlash targeting issues
>and individuals linked with civil rights and other social justice
>The seventh annual conference of SASH presents panels, roundtables and
>workshops addressing existing and emerging topics pertaining to sexual
>harassment response, research trends, and organizational issues.
>Sessions and Workshops include discussions of international issues,
>harassing speech versus "free" speech, the hostile environment, expert
>witnessing under Title VII and Title IX, current debates surrounding
>sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, organizational culture and
>future planning efforts for SASH.
>The SASH Keynote Speaker is Ms. Norma V. Cantu, Assistant Secretary
>for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education. With 19 years
>experience as a litigator in the area of civil rights, Ms. Cantu is a
>frequent speaker at national conferences on education and equity. Ms.
>Cantu has served as the top civil rights enforcer for the U.S.
>Department of Education for more than five years. Ms. Cantu will
>deliver her keynote speech on Wednesday, August 19, 1998 at 11:00am at
>the Nikko Hotel.
>To register please contact: Kimberly J. Cook, Ph.D., SASH Coordinator,
>Department of Criminology, University of Southern Maine, P.O. Box
>9300, Portland, ME 04104, 207-780-4399 (office), 207-780-4987 (fax),
> Registration fee: $40.00. On-site registration
>for SASH is also available beginning at 7:30am, August 19 and 20. For
>Hotel Nikko reservations call 415-394-1111.
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