Re: 20/20

Verna Williams (
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 16:00:19 -0700

I'd like to echo Barbara Tavares' comments and urge folks who saw the
20/20 piece to write, call, e-mail about it! That's what gets the
media's attention. ABC needs to know how biased Stossel's piece was and
needs to be informed about Title IX and its impact on women and girls.
It's very interesting that, on the 25th anniversary last year, which
would have provided a natural angle, they didn't do anything. And now,
they take up the banner of people intent on dismantling Title IX.

I didn't see the program, but am trying to get a copy of the tape so I
can comment intelligently.

If you saw it, hated it, and want them to do something about it, tell
ABC. Their e-mail site is

Verna Williams
National Women's Law Center

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