Answering pro-affirmative action comments

Ted Weverka (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 17:29:30 -0700

Robert McIntosh wrote:

It's so easy for white males to take an anti-affirmative action
> position. It's so easy for them to rail against the injustice of it > all, to
complain about how unfair a system that doesn't treat
> all people
> equally is. It's so easy for them to ignore the 400 or more years of >
blatant and pervasive affirmative action benefits they have
> received in
> this country.

It is not white males, it is Western European males. They have enslaved us for
so long that they even took the name "slave" from the name my ethnic group.

> Well those of us who have been the victims of 400 years of > discrimination
are fed up, that's why not.

And my people, who have been made slaves by these Western European males for so
long, now face being grouped with them under the term "white" and to have
programs to continue to keep us out.

Robert Weverka <>

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