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Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:38:19 -0400

Hello everyone:

This message contains EDEQUITY policies on subscriber conduct
and lobbying which will be added to our User's Guide when it
is updated in the next couple of months.

EDEQUITY is a public list and not everyone who subscribes
will necessarily have the same agenda. Differences of
opinion are expected, but all messages must be respectful
and civil. Abusive language will not be tolerated.

Federal regulations significantly restrict nonprofit,
tax-exempt organizations from using federal funds for
lobbying. EDEQUITY, a project of EDC funded through a
contract with the U.S. Department of Education, cannot be
used for lobbying purposes. "Lobbying" refers to activities
that attempt to influence legislation, elections,
referendums or initiatives through communication with any
member or employee of Congress, state legislators or
government officials; the preparation or distribution of
propaganda, or encouragement of the public to contribute to
or participate in any mass demonstration, fundraising,
lobbying campaign, letter writing, or telephone campaign;
and in-kind or cash contributions, endorsement, or
publicity. These restrictions apply to activities on the
federal, state, and local level.

Informational messages about the content of pending
legislation on educational equity issues are appropriate to
send to EDEQUITY as long as they do not urge people to take
action. For example, the message may include the name of an
organizational contact ("For more information about this
legislation, contact ________.") but may not encourage
subscribers to contact their representatives or include
target lists of specific members of the legislative body.
Any message that does not adhere to these restrictions will
be returned to the sender with information about why it
cannot be posted.

For more information about other policies, please refer to
the User's Guide which is posted on our web site
<www.edc.org/WomensEquity>. If you do not have access to
the web, contact the list adminstrator at
<edequity-admin@mail.edc.org> and request a copy of the

Susan J. Smith
EDEQUITY Moderator

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