AB: PBS Women in Sports/Title IX show Sept. 15

Linda Purrington (lpurring@earthlink.net)
Sun, 26 Jul 1998 08:12:04 -0700

Here's the announcement of the fall Title IX show:
http://www.runningnetwork.com/ChicagoAA/news/127.html (4460 Bytes)

Women in Sports: The Title IX Generation to air Sept. 15 on PBS
television By Mike Prizy
Female student-athletes got their just rewards nearly 25 years ago when
a government mandate ensured equal funding and opportunities for females
in sports programs.

Monday, "Straight Talk with Derek McGinty" will air a one-hour show
titled, "Women in Sports: The Title IX Generation," which will examine,
in a panel-debate format and questions from a studio audience, the
controversial issue of Title IX. The show is scheduled for Sept. 15, 10
p.m. EST on PBS stations. Check local listings. [snip]

passed on by Linda Purrington, Title IX Advocates, lpurring@earthlink.net

We have checked into this notice, and it appears that the date of the
information is incorrect. The show referenced actually occurred in 1997. After
contacting PBS and a number of other leading stations, it turns out that no one
was able to provide any knowledge of any upcoming show on Title IX.

It would be very helpful if the dates and sources of information could be
checked before posting these messages to EDEQUITY. It is very time consuming to
double-check all of the information that comes into the listserv, as we yet want
to provide the best resources possible. Linda, if there are any corrections to
be made, we would welcome any other information that you may have.

Thank you!
Susan Carter

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