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> From: Donne Florence <>
those who can discuss the census bureau's > report that shows young women have
bypassed men in attaining high school diplomas, associate's and bachelor's
degrees for the first time in 50 years. Specifically, I am interested in what
the data means regarding young women and education.

> Barbara,
> Could you please provide a source for this report? Do you
> have the web site address, perhaps?

Here is the press release, which in turn points to the report
, which in turn points to the report

I would like to point out an error in the EdEquity post introducing this.
Women have always completed High School in this country at rates higher than
men. The NCES provides data for this going back more than a century
and at no time has male high school graduation rates exceeded female.

Additionally, American women have been getting both undergraduate and
graduate degrees at rates higher than men for well over a decade. The
census reports are noting that over all age groups, women now have more of
these degrees than men. The number of these degrees currently earned by
young women is so much greater than that earned by young men, that the
discrepancy that favors young women is more than the discrepancy favoring
men in the older part of our population.

It is not that "young women have bypassed men" recently. They did that long
ago. It is that over all ages, women have bypassed men by this measure.

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