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The latest addition to the NODE website <> contains =

resources which might be of interest to all of you.

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In March 1998, the NODE and the Office of Learning Technologies =

co-hosted "Connecting PLAR and Distance Learning / Le lien entre l'=C9RA =

et l'apprentissage =E0 distance", an open, moderated conference on prior =

learning assessment recognition. =

The latest addition to the technologies for learning (tfl) special topic =

series builds on resources which the NODE compiled for that conference. =

This page, available at includes: =

- plar organizations
- print and online articles about plar =

- Links to plar-related Web sites at Canadian post-secondary =

institutions =

These resources are brought to you by the NODE Learning Technologies =

Network < >, a not-for-profit electronic network =

facilitating information and resource-sharing, collaboration and =

research in the field of learning technologies for post-secondary =

education and training. Our website provides current, comprehensive =

information for learners and practitioners engaged in =

technologically-mediated teaching and learning.

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