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Cheryl McLaughlin (
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 12:33:53 -0500 (EST)

When resources are posted to the list, even if they are directed to one person's
inquiry, please include any ordering relevant ordering or organizational/website
information, if you have it -- for the benefit of everyone on the list. Thank
you so much for sharing.
Susan Carter,

A previous request:
> Hello, I'm requesting any information regarding junior elementary class
> material on equity issues.

My response:
Please, what are junior elem classes? What grade or age level?

Several years ago when I searched, mostly all I could find on GENDER
equity was a nice workbook put out by a legal publishing company -- there
are 2 levels of the booklet -- low elem grads and higher elem grades.

I can get the name/address for them for you when I go back to work -- I've
been home with bronchitis for 7 days.
There may be more since then on GENDER equity, but if you are talking
about equity in general -- multicultural/diversity/tolerance/etc. , the
ones I've mentioned in recent posts -- Different and the SAme, and the
Teaching Tolerance magazine are great, and affordable (TT is free, how
much more affordabel can we find?

Please let me know if you need addresses or purchasing info on any of the

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