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Resources for Postage Stamp Arithmetic

  • The Making Mathematics guide to number theory -- in-house information and external sites http://www2.edc.org/makingmath/mathtools/numbertheory/numbertheory.asp

  • TI programs that execute the Extended Euclidean Algorithm. These programs compute the greatest common divisor, g, of a and b; and integers s and t such that g equals a times s plus b times t.
    • Save the appropriate program on your computer
    • Connect your calculator to your computer with a TI-Graph Link cable.
    • Open the TI-Graph Link application on your computer
    • Select "TI-83..." or "TI-92..." from the Connection menu
    • Select "Add" from the File Menu, find "Euclid.83p" or "Euclid.92p" in the dialog box and click on Open.
    You should now be able to run a program called "EUCLID" on your calculator.

    Listings of these programs are available at http://faculty.uml.edu/klevasseur/courses/ti/extendedGCD.html

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