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This site is no longer active. Publications

WEEA products are no longer available for purchase through the WEEA Center as of February 28, 2003.

Please read!
We regret that due to the end of our federal contract, we can no longer distribute most WEEA products. See below for distribution information on selected products.

Please continue to visit this site as we work to make more and more of our collection available electronically, which will be also offered through the GDTI website (http://www.edc.org/GDI), so please stay tuned!

Thank you for your patronage!

Please view, download, use and share any of the materials on this site. (Some material is in Adobe Acrobat format,"pdf." An Adobe Acrobat viewer for pdf can be downloaded for FREE. )

NOTE: Permission is given to duplicate and use the materials but not to sell or to modify them. Credit must be given to the WEEA Equity Resource Center at EDC, when the material is quoted.

The WEEA Digest is a periodical offering cutting-edge discussions of educational theory and research, field-based perspectives and resource listings, written by experts in the field who bring a unique blend of content and equity expertise to the discussion.

FAQ packets are a series of frequently asked questions that were developed in response to request for practical, useful information on today's emerging educational issues—and the implications for gender equitable education—designed to complement the Center's popular WEEA Digests. Each FAQ packet contains a relevant WEEA Digest, an overview of the topic, fact sheets, the most frequently asked questions and answers, a checklist, and resources to help you work toward equity in education.


Distribution of WEEA Center Products
There are two organizations who have assumed inventory of certain products and plan continue distribution of them. Please contact these organizations directly for specific information regarding availability, pricing, and so on.

Digital Sisters
Website: http://digital-sistas.org/
Email: info@digital-sistas.org
Click here for the list of products for distribution.

IWITTS (Institute for Women in Trades, Technology, and Science)
Website: http://www.iwitts.com/ & http://www.womentechstore.com/
Email: estore@iwitts.com
Click here for the list of products for distribution.

ED Pubs
Website: http://www.edpubs.org
Email: customerservice@edpubs.org
Click here for products available through the U.S. Department of Education's ED Pubs, while supplies last.


We are delighted that several organizations are storing archives of WEEA products, so that the complete WEEA collection will be kept intact in several places. The following organizations now have WEEA archives:

The Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education (AGELE)
The Gender, Diversities, and Technology Institute (GDI) at Education Development Center, Inc.
The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE)

We'd like to also thank the following organizations who assisted as we closed down by taking multiple publications to distribute through their networks and during their activities:

American Civil Liberties Union
AAUW Educational Foundation
Girls, Inc., National Resource Center
Maryland Department of Education, Equity Office
Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium
Montana Center on Disabilities
National Education Association
Rutgers University Equity Assistance Center


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This site is no longer active.

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