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Dear EdEquity members:

Greeting to all of you and HAPPY NEW YEAR, we at EdEquity wish you all a
healthy and prosperous 2002. We are here to provide with this weekly
resource. Please continue to send us messages about available conferences
in your region, professional development seminars, on-line course offering
, latest research on gender equity, new books, or new programs for that
focus on the next generation of equity leaders and advocates. This
information and news is important to us. So send in your message to
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Our information for EdEquity Weekly resource list comes from various
e-sources, including external list serves and web sites, EDC, and our own

Calling Workshop Presenters
Present a workshop or roundtable session at the largest staff development
event serving career academy practitioners from throughout the United
The National Academy Foundation's 2002 Institute for Staff Development
July 10-13, 2002, Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia

We are seeking presentations in the following general areas:
 Partnership Formation:Presentations that discuss how meaningful
partnerships/programs can
be formed between career academies and intermediary organizations, local
colleges and community and government groups, community and government
 Program Management: Presentations that discuss staff recruitment and
retention, staff
development programs, scheduling, and strategic planning.

 Career Academies and School Improvement: Presentations that discuss the
impact of career academies on various constituencies, and how career
academy programs are being used towards greater school and educational

 Instructional Strategies: Presentations that focus on classroom resources
and teaching
techniques, assessment and evaluation measures, soft skills development,
interdisciplinary and project based learning, state standards alignment and
work-based learning enhancements.

For more information about NAF, the Institute for Staff Development, or to
submit a presentation proposal, visit:
National Academy Foundation:Through its national network of career
academies, the National AcademyFoundation helps young people achieve
personal and professional success in
high school, higher education, and throughout their lives. Sanford I.
Weill, Chairman and CEO of Citigroup, founded the first Academy of Finance
in New York City in 1982. NAF was formed in 1989 to facilitate the growth
of career Academies across the nation. Currently there are 480 Academies of
Finance, Travel & Tourism, and Information Technology in public schools
The Canadian Vocational Association and UNEVOC-Canada will co-host an
International Conference on Technical and Vocational Education and Training

(TVET) in Winnipeg, tentatively set for October 17-19, 2002. The conference

will focus on DEVELOPING SKILLS FOR THE NEW ECONOMY. Given your interest in

this area, I would like to share with you our Call For Paper and Workshop

This revised document includes the recently added Call for Workshop
Presentations. We would really appreciate it if you can help us promote
this conference by circulating this document across your network. It is
also available online at

ERIC Clearinghouse:
The ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education has just
produced "Using Online Occupational Information for Career Development."
This 12-page Practitioner File discusses the role of occupational
information in career decision making, addresses some concerns about online

information, and takes an in-depth look at some national online information

tools provided by America's Workforce Network. Additional website
resources for occupational/career information are described.
It is available at no cost in full-text on the Clearinghouse website
(http://ericacve.org/docs/pfile04.htm), as a PDF attachment, or in paper.

"The YouthLearn Guide" is designed to help after-school and in-school
programs create and
 implement high-quality, technology-enriched learning activities. After
seven years of
 fieldwork, the Morino Institute has joined with Education Development
Center, Inc. (EDC) to release the 160-page guide. Educators, youth
development professionals, and others will find hands-on lessons,
worksheets, and sample activities that have proven effective at inspiring
young people's curiosity and creativity.
To purchase the guide, go to: http://www.youthlearn.org/guide
For more information, visit: http://www.youthlearn.org/faq.asp

Another Information Synthesis paper is now available on the National Center

website and available in paper copy from the Publications Office.
21st Century Accountability: Perkins III and WIA by David W. Stevens, 2001.

Paper copies are available from Product Sales Office, National
Center for Career and Technical Education, 1900 Kenny Road, Columbus, Oh
43210-1090 Order Code: IP1002 Price: $11.00 plus $5.00 shipping

NAS report will be released tomorrow
The National Academy of Sciences long-awaited report, "Minority Students in
Special and Gifted Education," will be released on the NAS Web site,
http://www.nationalacademies.org, on Wednesday, January 16.

This report examines the disproportionately high numbers of ethnic and
racial minorities in special education classes for disabled students, as
well as minorities' frequent underrepresentation in programs for gifted

The report recommends a model not only to identify students at risk of
academic failure, but also to provide effective interventions that would
precede special education services or, in some cases, reduce the need for
The American Museum of Natural History has developed
science-rich courses that help teachers meet the new national
 science standards that call for increased rigor and authentic,
inquiry-based experiences for their students.

Each six-week online seminar will engage teachers in scientific
inquiry with research tools and techniques and will wrestle with the
unanswered questions that intrigue, motivate, and even plague
researchers. The Museum has partnered with Classroom Connect,
the largest provider of K-12 Internet resources, to bring these
courses to teachers nationwide. Connected University is
 Classroom Connect's division that runs online courses for teachers.
Graduate Credit and Continuing Education units are available
for successful completion of the courses.This spring the Museum will offer
four online seminars through> Connected University.
Read on to find out more about these courses or go to
http://www.amnh.org/learn/pd/sos/ to register now.


Kelly Clark Training offers a new look at body image issues through a
workshop titled: To Look Good Is To Have Social Power. Beginning with
assumption that dieting, obsessive exercising and plastic surgery are not
symptoms of a society obsessed with body image but with the attainment of
social power; this 2 hour workshop helps participants explore how both men
and women manipulate their appearance to gain social power. Participants
define the standards of social power in American culture, including the
exploration of gender, racial and other social role implications, and
examine their own personal values in regard to gaining social standing.
Kelly offers an on line article which serves as a review of the issues
covered in the workshop - www.kellyclarktraining.com/Brainteaser1.htm .
The workshop is appropriate for upper-level high school students through
adults. For more information about bringing the workshop to your
institution, Kelly Clark Training can be contacted at

An expanded and updated 15-minute videotape on Women in Building
is being released this month by Her Own Words. The video includes nine
in a wide variety of building construction careers: 2 electricians,
architect, lighting designer/engineer, heat & frost insulator, carpenter,
sheetmetalworker, and painter.

There are now eleven videos in the Her Own Words series on Women in
Nontraditional Careers. All present women's work experiences in their own
words and their own voices.

Math at Work: Women in Nontraditional Careers
Women in Building Construction
Women in Dentistry
Women in Engineering
Women in Firefighting
Women in Highway Construction
Women in Machining
Women in Nontraditional Careers: An Introduction
Women in Policing
Women in Welding
Work Talk: Women in Nontraditional Careers in Their Own Words

The videos are available from:
Her Own Words
PO Box 5264
Madison WI 53705-0264

Final note:Information on these resources is provided as a service to
subscribers. EdEquity does not review or necessarily endorse these
publications or events.

Hilandia Rendon
EdEquity Moderator

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