Re: Glass Ceiling???

Date: Thu Feb 03 2000 - 11:34:01 EST

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    I work for a financial institution as the Director of Marketing and
    Business Development. I also handle a portion of new employee training.
    What Amber doesn't realize is that banks & other financial institutions are
    some of the lowest paying employers around. The reason there are so many
    women in these jobs is that men won't work for this pay. What Amber also
    probably doesn't realize is that those subway workers, janitors and road
    workers are probably earning more than the women in the so-called
    "privileged jobs." I know that in my city, the average garbage collector
    with a high school education is earning more than I do -- I have a Master's
    Degree and 12 years' experience in Marketing and Training. Not all is what
    it seems. In fact, Amber seems to continually express a typically male
    viewpoint. Perhaps not all is what it seems there as well.
    C Swift

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