Re: Re 5: Empowering the girl-child

Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 14:59:58 EST

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Ms Brown: You did a very good and nice job enumerating the reasons why
issues, perceptions attitudes etc. are ''stalked up against girls''.
The interesting part of this is that one can see the difference every where
one looks as some of your examples point out. When we are attacked by
anyone who claims that our arguments are not valid because ''things are bad
for boys too'' then one inmediately knows that this person does not
fullyunderstand the issue very well. As you point out some of us close to
the issue of gender inequities, realize very soon that boys too are at a
great disadvantage because male supremacist culture denies them the right
to be more knowledgeable concerning the universe that surrounds them when
it denies them the opportunity to know what the other ''half'' of the
world (women) has done and continues to do. However we do know that there
is NO way to honestly claim that boys suffer the same cultural and
educational disadvantages girls do because that is in fact NOT true.
Thank you

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