American Revolution once again at the center of curriculum.....

Date: Tue Feb 08 2000 - 15:01:56 EST

My daughter came home from school and with a bored and mildly frustrated
look told me ''well here we go again in the 7th grade studying the American
Revolution do you think you can find some women so that i can show Mr C.
(Social studies teacher) Well we went through this in the 4 grade and my
daughter knows there is not a great deal of new interesting information
concerning women's contribution in that war. we all know that most whole
sale violence (wars) are run, invented, created and instigated by men so
women's roles are not always that clear specially in American
history....what makes it specially hard is that these curriculums always
find ways to maximize and glorify wars and the horrible violence that
follows and so one wonders what rights educational ''experts'' have to
teach children that violence consists of acts of heroism when in fact wars
belong more to the real of human cowardice. In any case iam asking anyone
in the list who might have some interesting ideas or knowledge concerning
women or how to integrate feminist history into the issue so that I can
help my daughter.
thanks, Lesemann

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