Dateline 2/8/00

Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 14:35:34 EST

I am interested in locating a copy of the "Dateline" episode which aired
last Tuesday night (2/8) regarding the young man (a twin) who was born a
male, raised as a female, then became a male again (this is a somewhat
inaccurate synopsis, but if you saw the program, you'll know which one I
mean). I would like to use this case in a discussion of the relative
impact of heredity vs. environment in sex typing and gender identity in a
course I am currently teaching. The episode is not available from NBC,

If you taped the episode, I would like to ask if you'd be willing to
a) copy the tape if I send you a blank; or
b) send your copy to me and I can have my school's AV person copy it.

Please reply to me at

Thank you,
Therese Kennedy

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