Re: Equalizing Advantage

Date: Tue Feb 22 2000 - 11:26:00 EST

There may be areas in which women have an advantage but I do not know of
any in which the advantage is unfair. Examples of this are heads of
nursery schools and child day care facilities.

Even in fields which the personnel are predominantly female such as
libraries and departments of nursing, there is a disproportionate number of
males in the top positions, and this is not due to a lack of so-called
"qualfied women".

In society in general, women are disadvantaged in the judicial system by
the over whelming number of reactionary judges at present due to 12 years
of Ronald Reagan plus George Walker Bush. I dont mean the Supreme Court
because not many cases get there; most are decided in the lower courts
where women cannot afford as expensive legal representation as men.

Title IX which has done some good, is not uniformly well enforced, and
where it is not, for all practical purposes it does not exist.

You may intend to be "fair" to men, but your arguments lack validity and
authenticity which is the definition of spurious, and therefore harmful to

I am retired (now 81 years old) and I have seen much improvement since the
days when men could legally say and even write to me that they did not hire
women no matter how good their records were: this was not illegal in 1950
when I finished my post-doctoral year at the University of Pennsylvania
after receiving a Ph.D. from Yale.
But I am not satisfied with the plateau in progress toward equality, even
regression, from 1980 to '92 and the very little momentum forward in the
Clinton years due to the Republican domination of Congress. And the
surviving judicial appointments from the 11980's. Sincerly, Anne Briscoe

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