Re: Equality v. Recompense

Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 14:47:40 EST

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<<<<The girls to whom you would grant these unfair advantages in
order to make up for past unfair treatment DID NOT ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE
this unfair past. Furthermore, the boys whom you would penalize for having
advantages in the past DID NOT ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE these advantages. Girls
of today did not experience the disadvantages of yesterday, and the
boys of today did not experience the advantages of yesterday, so why
compensate and penalize them, respectively, for what they did not

Two points in response to this:

A) The equation of compensation for girls with the penalization of
boys is specious.

B) Girls of today are experiencing disadvantages of _today_, and
boys of today are experiencing advantages of _today_.

Cary Brown
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