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Here's an excerpt froman interesting article:
http://www.athleticsearch.com/ thence to "what motivates a parent...."

What motivates a parent or community member to file a Title IX complaint?
Q&A with Herb Dempsey

Herb Dempsey, a father of five children (two girls and three boys), has
spent the last several years filing Office of Civil Rights (OCR) complaints
working with other parents who have Title IX concerns. He is a
self-described "pit
bull" with a mission in life: to gain equality for girls' athletics in our

 He began his foray into Title IX legal affairs in 1995 when his
youngest daughter was in seventh grade, and he had just retired after a
33-year career as a public school teacher. He had also served as a
part-time police officer for 20
years. He felt he had some insight into Title IX because of his teaching
background, and he had the investigative skills to do something about it
from his police

He is also representative of parents everywhere who are starting to
demand that schools take more action to comply with Title IX. Here are his
on why parents file complaints and the different ways they may demand

got to the following web site for the rest of the article:
http://www.athleticsearch.com/ thence to "what motivates a parent...."

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