RE: Title IX softball case

Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 16:21:45 EDT

Generalizations often cause the best intended statements to be questioned
for validity. Although I share Kristen's passion on this issue. It is not
quite true that girls did not have athletic opportunity (at least at the
high school level) for a hundred years. GAA also existed in some states. My
mother was an all district and all district girls basketball player in
Arkansas in the 1930's. When I taught in Arkansas in 1969-71, there were
two parallel sports teams, treated the same: girls basketball and boys
basketball. Girls basketball about that time had been changed from half
court to full court. Larger schools may have had additional sports but in
the schools I was in basketball for boys and girls was the sports
program--both programs supported equally by the community and its

Darcy Lees
WA Off of Supt of Pub. Inst. Equity Compliance

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