RE: Title IX softball case

Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 11:24:08 EDT

Peggy Weeks said, "In case after case here, the school administrators =
have said that, although painful, they were glad that the cases were =
brought because it made them do the right thing. It's almost as if =
Title IX is being used as an excuse by schools to do what they should =
have done all along and did not have the political courage to do it =

I have several "successful" complaints which were filed after =
superintendents in small jurisdictions told me privately and "off the =
record" that they wanted me to file so they could get on with doing what =
they knew was right. Usually in these cases there were only one or two =
members of the community or elected members of the school board who =
opposed establishment of equal treatment. The examples of the =
inequality vary from banner headlines or "brick and brass" fields for =
the boys to cutting girls to maintain lower levels of participation but =
when a single, powerful member of a political system wants conditions to =
continue unchanged only official and "drastic" action will tip the =
scales. Side note: Justice is blindfolded and she can't see who makes =
that happen.

Herb Dempsey

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