new charter school for girls

Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 18:02:38 EDT

It is so heartbreaking to find that there is this unremitting pressure
to form schools for girls only within the public school system, in
violation of Title IX. I understand that well-meaning educators are
between a rock and a hard place when they try to educate girls within
the current system in the context of sexist society. Mind you, the
motivation for this couldn't be closer to my heart--the current system
has wiped the math and science out of my clever daughter--there is no
applied or social aspect to it that seizes her imagination, as it is
taught. But in the long term we need to change sexist society, and
gender apartheid will not do the trick. Instead of taking our gilrls off
into isolated enclaves, we need to lead them back into public civil
rights movements (women's rights are civil rights) and demand the ERA,
demand enforcement of Title IX and VAWA, and equal representation in all
educational programs.
Linda Purrington
Tittle IX Advocates

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