Re: Title IX

Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 16:19:28 EDT

Yes, that is exactly right. We do need an constitutional amendment that
strenghten Title IX in the court room. Without that key element we can only

continue to struggle to change a discriminatory system too well entrenched
take much notice of our attempts to bring this issue to national attention.

Without strenghtening the law courageous attempts to bring grievances on
behalf of girls will sinply become ''too feeble'' in the eyes of courts
do not feel compelled in any way to look at this issue as they should. You
can have many great and well intentioned groups, debating, speaking and
writing on the subject going as far as to write manuals directed at
as to how to do it etc. But as long as there is no law that enforces it , I

don't think we are seeing teachers standing on line to get information on

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