Title IX

From: edequity@phoenix.edc.org
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 11:06:23 EDT

Hi again:

Well, it appears that one of the many things we disagree upon is what
constitutes an answer to one's question. I believe my e-mail was
to yours, unlike your e-mail to me.

The overall point I'm making s that there are gender inequities in
that persist; that progress for women and girls has not come at the expense
of men, which you claim. The three-part test -- all three parts -- is a
valid means of addressing the inequities.

What's fascinating to me is how you still haven't answered my question,
which is the courtesy I afforded you -- without any attacks or sarcastic

The conclusion I must draw is that you have no citations for the "trends"
you rely upon to make your arguments.

Verna Williams

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