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From: edequity@phoenix.edc.org
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 16:59:48 EDT

Looking for basic information on TITLE IX?

The WEEA Equity Resource Center website--Equity Online
now has an FAQ packet that answers basic questions about Title IX as well
as important resource organizations. The FAQs are online documents designed
for a wide range of audiences.

Simply go to our website and download, duplicate, and share with others as
part of your work. Or refer others to the site. This is a quick, easy way
to get accurate information on Title IX.

The Title IX FAQ is the first of our FAQ series, followed soon by packets
on Science, Assessment, and Disabilities. These are also web documents and
will be posted soon on Equity Online.

Print copies can be made available on request for a cost of $5 (to cover
printing and mailing). Individual requests must include a check or money
order for that amount. For 5 or more copies, you can use MasterCard, Visa,
or a purchase order. To get a print copy, send your order to WEEA Equity
Resouce Center, 55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458 (for credit card or PO
orders, you can also call our helpdesk 1-800-225-3088

We hope you find this new online service helpful. Let us know how the FAQ
packets work for you and what other topics you might like to see covered in
the future.

And look for our new website format, coming soon. With it we will have
even more resources, including out of print WEEA products as well as
materials in Spanish.

Katherine Hanson
Sr. Project Director
WEEA Equity Resource Center
Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458

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