Re: Title IX survey and analysis

Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 09:31:15 EDT

Be careful about the stats you use and please provide your sources. I
cannot argue with opinion because opinions are formed partly in the way we
see the world. The way you see it and the way I see it are different. I
believe your arguments would be stronger by substantiating them with facts.
The way your statements are put, I do not know if they are statements based
soley on your opinion or researched documentation. Having this information
would give me a better idea of where you are coming from.

Victims of Homocide
This stat refers mostly to men of color. I can't remember the exact
proportion, but men of color are more likely
to be assaulted and killed. I can't remmber the name of the publication,
but it was throught the work of Michael
Kimmel that I read this. A good person to read by the way. Men's Lives
is all about men's issues.

The draft and women politicians
Do you know the last time the draft was used, how many women politicians
exist with this type of power and
the current stance on women's involvement in warfare and who is deciding

I do not have enough information to say something on this topic and have
not investtigated what has been
told to me.

Victims of rape. Perpetrators of racism and sexism.
So the chances of rape in prison is higher than 1 in every 3 people? Wow.
I would like the citation of your
second and third statements about racism and sexism. I have never heard of
these numbers.

Being killed on the job.
Again, I have not heard of this. Please give me more information.

Violence against men and women in the media.
One of the "jokes" about violence on TV is that generally the first person
killed is a person of color. I do not
have numbers to substantiate, but I rarely see a person of color alive at
the end. This is assuming that there are
people of color in the film. have you seen videos lately where women are
depicted as body parts and objects
while the men in the videos "take charge" of them? Using media to support
your arguments is going to be

Defending oneself.
I was never taught to hit boys and not girls, so I am wondering where your
generalizations are coming from. I
was taught to defend myself if I were in physical danger by anybody. Did
you know that women who defend
themselves from abusive partners get sent to prison?

Domestic violence
This statement is false. As reported by the FBI in 1998 domestic violence
stats and other sources on the
web, newspaper, etc., women are the victims of approximately 95% of all
domestic violent
relationships. Men are the victims of the other 5%. Now, it is true that
doemstic violence in same sex
relationships is equally as likely to occur as in heterosexual
relationships. Source: these are just easier
sources to get to than the periodicals I have on this subject.
violence.html ,, I can
supply a biblio on domestic
violence to whomever would like this info. I do not agree with the quote
from Ms. French.

Elaine DeBassige D'Amato

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