[EDEQUITY] Fwd: Boys and School Article Comment

From: WYBEARfan1@aol.com
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 10:58:25 EDT

I've almost written several times, but the note about the Desiree Cooper
article printed in the Detroit Free Press helped convince me now was a good
first time. I'm only a shortertimer to the list, and a short termer in my
knowledge of real details of the long-standing 2nd class treatment of
women,but a long term carer for fair treatment and opportunities. Even
the exact details, it is clear the institutionalized ruts in the road of
society still preordain the life patterns many men and women continue to be
forced into. With equality, both men and women will leave the ruts for a
way they choose instead.

Based on what most people have said here and based on most if not all of
what the equity advocates I speak to have said, we are concerned when
anyone is
discriminated against. However, until the ongoing work for equality for
women, gains the critical mass of quantity and quality of representation to
have equal access to general decision making, equal pay and opportunity
throughout our society, we will continue being within sight and almost
there forever. It is very important, for advocates to continue working too
the other important issues such as helping boys, helping to remedy racial
issues and people with other special challenges. I for one feel that
making sure
we finally achieve the day when men and women are equals "in fact", not
under God, is my most important issue.

I don't believe that either men nor women can ever reach their ultimate
potentials, until we reach that equality partnership. The person who wants

to propose argument after argument about why we should loose our focus, is
free to concentrate on helping boys keep all they have. I for one will do
all I can to make sure our institutions welcome and include women as they
should, to help achieve the partnership of equality and to gain the mutual
respect equality brings. The suggestion to create real accurate fact
sheets, perhaps fairness law quotes and perhaps explanation sheets to help
there, sounds great. Dialogues about how to use these and what to do with
would be great too. At least it would be for me. The variety of people
committed to this work is truly inspiring. YEA!

tom wilson

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