[EDEQUITY] help for a student

From: Kathy McMahon Klosterman (mcmahok@muohio.edu)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 10:30:59 EDT

I'm hoping some on this list might have ideas and information to help a
high school student. The high school has the boys wear blue gowns and the
girls wear white for the graduation ceremony. One young woman has decided
that she does not want to wear the white robe for a number of philosophical
reasons (she is a very bright, reflective young woman) and asked to wear
the blue instead. The local superintendent said "NO, NO ,NO!". The young
woman hasn't beengiven any reason but has been told that she will be
physically expelled by police if she wears the blue robe to graduation. It
seems to me that one cannot discriminate on who wears what color based
solely on wheter a person has a penis or not! I had suggested that 20 males
wear white and 20 or so females wear blue as a way to diffuse one person as
a target but the students are too afraid. Any info on the legal issues this
student might face if she wears a blue robe? Any ideas for this young
woman? While this may seem trivial to some, it is an important ideological
issue for this young woman. Thanks.
Kathy McMahon

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