[EDEQUITY] Re: help for a student

From: McKevitt, Susan (SMcKevitt@ed.state.nh.us)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 11:29:19 EDT

If the philosophical reason included her truly held religious belief, then
her decision to not where white would be one that the school needs to
accommodate her on. If it is not based on her religious beliefs, I think
is into the realm of moral protest. If the school has a policy protecting
ones moral/political beliefs she can access that policy for protection. If
not, she will probably be dealt with the same one dimensional way all of us
have been who challenge the "rule", that is, be considered a rule breaker
and handled accordingly. (see quote in my signature below)

"It would be extremely na´ve to expect the dominant classes to develop the
type of education that would enable subordinate classes to perceive social
injustices critically."
Paolo Freire, from The Politics of Education

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