[EDEQUITY] FW: Master's Degree in Math/Science Question

From: Darcy Lees (DLees@ospi.wednet.edu)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 10:04:50 EDT

Is anyone familiar with such a program? If so could you respond to

Darcy Lees

> Gloria -
> I hope that you might be able to help me out. I will finish my master's
> degree after I complete one class, and I was very excited when I heard
> something in class this weekend about a Washington State
> reimbursement/grant/bonus (or whateer) for completing a math or science
> master's degree program. The first deadline is June 15 and the second
> deadline is June 30 for this year's funding. I checked the OSPI website
> and couldn't find anything about it. Have you heard anything about this?
> Do you have any ideas about where I could go to get an application?
> Thanks for your help!
> Patricia Walker
> Olds Junior High School
> North Franklin School District
> walkerpl@televar.com

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