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Hello, Susan,
You may want to alert your members to the Website of the Higher Education
Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention www.edc.org/hec/

Our publications are free and also downloadable from the Website.

Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems on Campus: Acquaintance Rape
by P. Finn
Acquaintance rape and alcohol often go hand in hand. The prevalence of
this crime reflects inappropriate norms about sexual behavior?norms
embedded in all aspects of our society. This guide offers detailed
information on implementing or improving policies and programs to address
this complex and pervasive problem as it affects college students.
74 pp. Order # 101 1995, reprinted 1997

Fact Sheets (2- and 4-page flyers)
 "Sexual Assault and Alcohol and Other Drug Use" Order # 705 1997
"Interpersonal Violence and Alcohol and Other Drug Use" Order # 704 1997

Here's an article, although not specifically about violence prevention,
which parents and prospective students may find helpful:

"Checking Out Colleges: Questions to Ask School Officials About Alcohol
and Other Drug Prevention" (a MADD/DRIVEN reprint)
by W. DeJong and K. Zweig
This article is aimed at parents of prospective college students. By
following the advice offered here, parents can determine the nature and
extent of alcohol and other drug problems on specific campuses. "Checking
Out Colleges" suggests a variety of people (administrators, current
students and residence hall advisers, faculty, campus police) as well as
the campus communication systems (bulletin boards, student newspapers and
magazines, students' rooms, and commercial neighborhoods) as sources of
2 pp. Order # 802 Spring 1998


Anne McAuliffe
Managing Editor
The Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention
Education Development Center, Inc.
55 Chapel Street
Newton, MA 02458-1060
(800) 676-1730, ext. 2402 or (617) 618-2402

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