[EDEQUITY] Texts that give a broad perspective on "equity"?

From: Barbara J Tavares (btavares@hawaii.edu)
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 09:24:57 EDT

This will not exactly answer the need you want to fill, but let me
recommend a short book that I first heard about on this list, and it is "A
Framework for Understanding Poverty," by Ruby Payne. An annototaed
website entry is copied below. What I really appreciated about this user
friendly publication is the way it speaks about the unwritten rules,
language, and class. I doesn't cover race, gender, or disabilities as
such, but there is so very much in it that applies to these equity issues.

The site for "Ruby Payne on Poverty," a collection of publications and
staff development tools. Dr. Payne had developed materials for the
understanding of the economically disadvantaged student, as well as ways
to address such dynamics within the structure of the educational
system. Website has information on staff development opportunities,
publications, workbooks, and discussion forums.

Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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