[EDEQUITY Discussion]Non-Traditional Training and Employment

From: IWITTS@aol.com
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 12:02:10 EDT

I would like to underline Barbara Tavares's sentiments and add this
additional thought, women working in male-dominated or "nontraditional"
occupations is also about women getting a seat at the table and influencing

things in a positive way for women overall.

For example, if half of software developers were women and owners of dot
software start ups there would be more children's game software that was
aimed at the interest of girls rather than being "high kill." If half of
Police Chiefs and law enforcement officers were female than there wouldn't
need to be special training for PDs on taking domestic violence seriously.

If women were half of the team who developed airbags they'd also work for
people under 5"4 inches (average female height) and children.

This is about money but this is also about sitting at the table and
empowerment of women. So often decisions are made that adversely affect
not because there's a discriminatory conspiracy against us but because many

men just don't have the knowledge base we do about gender.


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