[EDEQUITY Discussion]Opening Statement for Career Education

From: Carlotta Tyler (odc@tiac.net)
Date: Wed Aug 09 2000 - 17:05:53 EDT

I applaud your post re: segregation and blacks. It is a part of our
that can get lost as we forge ahead.

To the issues of white women and difference: That is who you are
the choice comments to by the drift of your post:

1. It is the differential value historically and currently given to females
that is the issue. Cutting to the chase........Nowhere in the world are
women paid what men are paid for the same work. UNIFEM, United Nations
Report, 1998
2. In the second wave of women's social, economic and political
liberation,(60-70's) US women, raised in democracy went for equality;
European, especially French feminists went for "viva la difference".
In the aftermath, they have fully paid lengthly maternity leave and we get
paid little to nothing for producing the next generation of taxpayers in a
society that does not value this essential work.
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