[EDEQUITY] Life In Plastic Poster

From: Cathy Plourde (cathy.plourde@att.net)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 10:14:54 EDT

Dear List,
A friend of mine has a non-profit for girls work in Maine, and with a
young artist and a professional photographer they had this Barbie poster
created. I've seen it and it's powerful. I've asked her to give me a
short informational blurb for posting, and her contact information is

A Life In Plastic:
One Girls' Truth about Self Image and Survival.

Announcing: a new poster that deals with one of the most influential
models for girls all over the world: Barbie. The poster asks the
Is Barbie's life all that perfect? Its powerful words, superimposed on
photograph of a Barbie wannabe, will make girls of all ages consider the

drawbacks to becoming a doll-faced look alike who has to smile on the
outside, even when she is crying on the inside.

The wannabe was photographed wearing two different outfits: icky,
pink or seductive black. The wording on both is the same. Individuals
copies sell for $12.50 including shipping and handling, or one of each
for $22.50. Please mail checks to Mainely Girls 69 Elm Street Camden,

For information about making larger quantities available for sales at
girls' conferences or campus events please contact Mary Orear at Mainely
Girls. (207) 230-0170 or megirls@midcoast.com

Cathy Plourde <cathy.plourde@att.net>

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