[EDEQUITY] Gender & discipline

From: Sharon Hushka (sharynh@earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 10:08:42 EDT

In today's Detroit Free Press, Dennis Niemiec reports an incident where
allegedly an 11-year girl, Lisa, was in a fight with a boy at school.
The mother was awarded a "court-ordered personal protection order that
prohibits the principal from going near the girl. Lynn Matney said the
principal grabbed her daughter and swung her into a wall 25 minutes
after the fisticuffs."

"Lisa, who receives A's and B's, was suspended for three days for
punching the boy. School officials declined to say what punishment the
boy received."

Does someone have more information on this incident other than what is
reported in the paper? On the surface, it appears this is an example
where the girl who isn't "ladylike" is strongly reprimanded, but the boy
is treated stereotypically "boys will be boys."

Sharon Hushka

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