[EDEQUITY] New gender institute at EDC

From: khanson@edc.org
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 16:26:35 EDT

We are pleased to announce a new initiative here within the Center for
Education, Employment, and Community at EDC, called the Gender and
Diversities Institute.

 The Institute serves as an umbrella for a number of projects, including
the WEEA Center. As we begin this new work, we have made some important
shifts in staffing. The first is that I am now heading the development of
the institute and hope that many of you will want to join with us on this
exciting journey--as partners, associates, friends, authors, conveners, and
participants. Sundra Flansburg, formerly the associate director for the
center, is now the director of the WEEA Equity Resource Center. Susan
Smith, is now the project director for Building Gender Healthy Schools, as
well as Director of Professional Development and Training for the WEEA
Center. Both Sundra and Susan will be filling you in on staff changes and
on the exciting work they are beginning.

We've included a description of the Institute and welcome your inquiries,
feedback, and involvement. I look forward to hearing from you.

Katherine Hanson
Director, Gender and Diversities Institute at EDC
55 Chapel Street, Newton, MA 02458
617-618-2357 fax. 617-332-4318 khanson@edc.org


The Gender and Diversities Institute at EDC is a global initiative that
works with and among multiple sectors and stakeholders to examine the role
gender and diversities plays in education. The Institute houses projects
aimed at bringing people together from around the world to build strong
bridges that are respectful of and build on the various diversities. We
provide a safe space that connects, informs, and mobilizes people and
organizations committed to achieving gender equity and sustainable
development that respects women's and men's human rights. Our research and
projects focus on gender, race, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation,
language, and ableness as critical components in the development of
empowerment education. Our work crosses the boundaries of formal and
informal education and covers the lifespan.

Our work focuses on five areas: technology; gendered violence; educational
reform; economic self-sufficiency; and gender equity and masculinities.

 Drawing on the resources of the Institute and our partners, we aim to
*promote understanding of the issues surrounding gender and diversities
*synthesize information on the latest research and practice, bringing it to
a wide audience of educators, policymakers, activitists, funders, media,
and service providers
*foster dialogue across different cultures, geographic regions, areas of
expertise, and interests through publications, national and international
forums, visiting fellows, and media events
*facilitate communication and cooperation among ever-widening networks of
organizations and individuals that are involved in activities that affect
women and girls
*serve as a clearinghouse for current information on research, policy, and
action initiatives, funding opportunities, and other resources.

We will have a website up soon that will further describe our work. We
look forward to working with all of you to build this global network.

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