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on Persons with Disabilities Who are Victims of Crime
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Forward by WEEA Equity Resource Center

Dear Colleague,

The American Association of University Affiliated Programs (AAUAP), in
conjunction with the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities(WIND) and with
grant funding provided by the Department of Justice (DOJ), are compiling an
annotated Resource Guide, entitled "AAUAP Resource Guide to Programs and
Products Focusing on Persons with Disabilities Who are Victims of Crime"
and an online searchable database that will describe available training
materials and programs that focus on victims of crime with disabilities. I
am writing to ask for your assistance in contributing information about
your training programs, training materials, or related products or research
to the AAUAP Resource Guide. The searchable database will be available
on-line for your future use, and will also provide increased visibility for
your organization or product as other professionals utilize the Resource
Guide and database. The online data submission form can be accessed by
clicking the following URL: http://wind2.uwyo.edu/doj/doj.asp, or by
pasting the URL address into your web browser.

Any information about resources or programs focusing on victims of crimes
with disabilities is welcome here. You are encouraged to describe your
programs and products in sufficient detail that a reader will know what
your program or product is or does, which will result in a more
comprehensive listing in the completed AAUAP Resource Guide. Upon
completion, the Resource Guide will be an invaluable compendium of
information for service providers, advocates and researchers that find
themselves working with victims of crimes with disabilities.

The final product will be available as a printed guide and an online
database. Submitters are also encouraged to send any product
samples,brochures,additional descriptions, etc., in support of your product
entries to the address below. In addition, please feel free to forward this
email to any of your colleagues that might also be interested in your time
and participation. Again, the online data entry form can be found by
clicking the following link: http://wind2.uwyo.edu/doj/doj.asp

Jameson Hirsch, M.A.
Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND)
112 Education Building
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071

Telephone: 307-766-2761
TDD: 307-766-2720
Fax: 307:766-2763

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