[EDEQUITY] Making Schools Work for Every Child

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Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 12:34:55 EDT

             ENC Focus: Making Schools Work for Every Child

                     Eisenhower National Clearinghouse
                         The Ohio State University

Practical approaches that will
help you make educational equity
a reality in your classroom

Teachers know that educational equity does not mean "the same treatment for
everyone." They know that true equity involves meeting the different needs
of each student. Check out this latest issue of ENC Focus for practical
approaches that will help you make your classroom a place where every child
can succeed.

The articles in "Making Schools Work for Every Child" help teachers answer
the questions such as: What kinds of classrooms and programs help educators
to reach all students? What unique ways can teachers explore engaging
students with particular needs?

The Focus on the Collection section highlights some of the materials
related to helping all students achieve that have been reviewed and
selected by ENC's mathematics and science content specialists. Materials
featured include:

Professional Development
   Reaching All Students
   Multicultural Approaches
   Learning and Gender
   Addressing Other Special Needs
   Technology and Education

Instructional Materials
   Integrated Math and Science

ENC Focus: Making Schools Work for Every Child is available online now at
http://www.enc.org/focus/index.htm. Previous issues of Focus are also
available at that address. Educators in the Mid-Atlantic region (DE, DC,
MD, NJ, PA) can obtain print copies of Focus free of charge from the
Mid-Atlantic Eisenhower Consortium for Mathematics & Science Education
(http://www.rbs.org/eisenhower), RBS, Inc., 444 North Third Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19123, (215) 574-9300, x280, fax (215) 574-0133, or
e-mail: mathsci@rbs.org.


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