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Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 14:39:00 EDT

In response to both Susan and Janalee,
The Schott Foundation is very interested in systemic change and are
prioritizing work with teachers and administrators at this time. We are
most interested in supporting teachers as change agents for gender
equity in their schools. Susan (Smith) is directing a Gender Equity
Mini-Grant Program in Boston and Cambridge that includes about 100
teachers (k-12) across 24 teams that is supported by Schott. Teachers
are eligible for up to $3,000/year, and the largest team grant is
$25,000. A few projects are voc-ed. programs working with students on
gender & cultural identity issues. In the past, we have supported
fabulous programs (gender specific & coed) for students in
non-traditional shops run out of the now-defunct Mass. Gender Equity
Center. Does anyone know about similar programs located in public
school settings? also, who are the funders?...

The Schott Foundation does not have funding guidelines--we generally
solicit proposals for funding (through RFPs or directly from an
organization). Our web site is (note: the
gender page is quite outdated!).

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Caroline & Sigmund Schott Foundation
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