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From: Rizzolo Angela (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 14:39:56 EDT


I have quietly been reading the posts and enjoying particularly the
conversations on funding and NTO for young women. As a program specialist
with a federal agency who promotes women's issues and has made a case for
the past fifteen years to "focus" on NTO - I too am frustrated at where is
funding and what constitutes whether this program gets it or that program
gets it?

Of course, as a federal agency our dollars have been few and far between. I
can imagine that they will only shrink more. But I have noticed that one
thing that schools and grant administrators look to us for and that is
"where is the Money?" Perhaps if we could generate a listing of funders
these types of programs and the criteria and expectation of the foundations
it would prove beneficial to many of us. To my knowledge there is not a
directory such as this.

On another note but related nonetheless, much research has been done on
girls and young women and gender related issues. Perhaps we need to think
outside the realm of this research and its implications to thinking how can
a "program which will work with (for example 15 young girls) - change or
impact others". This way we slowly change the mindset of people while also
creating future rolemodel which are also lacking in the world of NTO.

I have noticed on this list that we seem to be very politically correct in
wanting to make sure we include boys or men. My feeling on this is that
girls and women have been the under dog for a long time. This is not a
society that has been designed to accommodate our genders equally. Until
that happens there will always be a division among the sexes, in terms of
work, expression and availability of resources.

Angela Rizzolo
USDOL/Women's Bureau

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