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Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 13:49:52 EST


I run a youth leadership program for young women in santa cruz, ca called
she rocks! that teaches about health and well-being, self-defense,
and human rights education along with how to write a proposal for funding.
The girls in the program are responsible for organizing and fundraising a
large bilingual, community-wide event for up to 400 girls addressing the
non-academic issues they face in and out of the classrooms. The girls are
very diverse and are excited to have the opportunity to make the event for
and by teen women.

My questions- are there resources available that focus on youth as
philanthropists or foundations that take proposals from youth? I already
work with the Women's Foundation/ Sisterhood Fund in SF and have tried the
local Community Foundation w/ no luck as they focus on 11-14 year olds. The
proposals they will be writing are small, but a valuable tool to start
learning at this age (15-17). I would like to see more women's foundations
offer something similar to the Sisterhood Fund, where girls learn the
of grantwriting and the importance of it.

This program was also recently funded by WEEA in conjunction with the santa
cruz city school district- the program is called the Young Women's
Leadership Alliance and will be at 3 high schools focusing on teaching
equity awareness, how to do research on an issue of importance in their
school, and finally an action component focussing on bringing awareness to
the students and teachers of that school.

This list serve has been very informative and i would like to see what
people are doing around programs for girls and young women especially
teaching girls about grantwriting.

Thanks for all the info and for this wondeful forum to reach out to others
in the field!
Caroline Reich
She Rocks! Where Leadership, Awareness and Creativty Converge

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