[EDEQUITY] New EdEquity Moderator

From: Susan.J.Smith
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 14:02:08 EST

Hello everyone:

This will be my final message to the list as moderator. In recent weeks
you have received several messages about changes at the WEEA Center, the
launching of EDC's new Gender and Diversities Institute, and the
Institute's new "Gender Healthy Schools Project" which I am directing. My
new responsibilities will no longer allow me to oversee day-to-day
management of the list serv. (I will, of course, continue to subscribe to
the list.)

During the past four years I have learned a great deal both about
communicating in the on-line environment as well as about substantive
gender equity issues. There definitely have been some "bumps along the
road." Facing outright opposition and deliberate disruption were
unexpected challenges. I was always grateful for your
feedback--particularly during these times. I think our new "User's Guide,"
which will be posted soon, reflects the lessons we have learned and sets
out expectations and guidelines for list participation.

I also thank you for your willingness to participate as we tried out new
experiments--the quarterly Dialogues with the Experts, the monthly topics,
etc. Figuring out how to make these useful exchanges was also something I
enjoyed very much. No doubt, there will be more experimentation in the
years ahead.

Finally, I would like to thank my colleagues at the WEEA Center for their
ideas and support, especially Ambika Kapur. She posted the messages each
day, helped brainstorm for discussion topics, contacted panelists, and
researched information to be posted to the list serv. I am very pleased
that she has joined me as research associate on the Gender Healthy Schools

The new EDEQUITY moderator is Hilandia Neuta-Rendon, the WEEA Center's new
senior technical assistance specialist. She will post a message
introducing herself soon. Please join me in welcoming her.

All the best,


Susan J. Smith
EDEQUITY Moderator

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