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From: Amber Valeris DeWine (
Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 14:46:04 EST

  I think Dr. Bernard-Powers' suggestion for teacher training focused on
gender in schooling is an excellent idea, of course so long as it does not
come to be a "give more to the girls, then give more to the girls again,
and then give still more to the girls" scenario and so long as it addresses
boys' educational needs as well.

  I would also like to see a great deal of money put into male-only
scholarships to offset the throng of female-only scholarships out there.
To see for yourself the actual size of the discrepancy in this area I
invite any student on this list to go to and conduct
a free scholarship search, and see how many scholarships are female-only
compared to those that are male-only.

  One person on this list asked me privately why I am counting the numbers
of male-only and female-only scholarships, because doesn't that represent
numeric "z sub mu" equality that I am so fiercely against in athletics?
Just to clarify my position, I am in favor of equality of OPPORTUNITY, not
necessarily equality of RESULT. A female-only scholarship means that no
males have the OPPORTUNITY to compete for the scholarship. A
disproportionality in athletic participation does not reflect the
opportunities provided, it merely reflects a resultant participation.

  In any event, I would focus more time and energy and of course money into
increasing male-only scholarships, and to training America's educators
about boys' educational needs and how they can be accommodated.

Amber V. DeWine

 Please add teacher preparation and teacher development focused on gender
> schooling.
> >
> Jane Bernard-Powers
> Department Chair
> Elementary Education
> San Francisco State University

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